Small Town Living is the Life for Me

The more we become globalized, the smaller our world becomes.  Social media has really made making connections easier.  On Twitter I received a mention about our Anniversary from an acquaintance in England.  As Dale and I looked at our individual Facebook
Pages the day of and the day following our 25th Wedding Anniversary ~ we read many wonderful comments for us from our family and friends.

On the local area level, Bill Dean announced our Anniversary on KWLM radio and Steve posted Happy Anniversary Dale / Tami on the Atwater Community Billboard in the downtown railroad park. Our church prayed for us. We received a few cards in the mail as well as a few phone calls and “Happy Anniversary” or “Congratulations”  from friends on the street.

When people ask us about why we live in a small town, they say, “what do you do there?”  I remember someone asking me if I watch the corn grow?  Living in a small town
is great, because of the people ~ after all that is what living in a small town is all about.

This past weekend we had our annual All School Reunion, it is very obvious that the people who attended the reunion had a great experience growing up in our little school. They are the people who know what we do in a small town.

Thank you everyone for all of the well wishes for our 25th Wedding Anniversary ~ we are blessed with a supporting community of family and friends.

Photo: Dale Tagtow

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2 Responses to Small Town Living is the Life for Me

  1. Goldie says:

    Glad you loved it….. We heard it on the radio in the morning plus remembered the talk the other day about missing one of the alumni reunions….

    Much love to both of you — hope it was a great day!

  2. Dave Strong says:

    By the looks of the both of you – you must have been married at 16!

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