Demolition of downtown Atwater buildings

If you have already looked at the pictures on my July 20th post of Atlantic Avenue ~ Atwater, Minnesota ~ you are invited to go back and look at the comment section or even add your own comment ~ it was fun for me to read those comments ~ thanks!

If you have not looked at Tami’s YouTube Channel ~ you are invited to look at those videos also. (currently I have 82 videos posted)

Here are three videos from my YouTube Channel dated June 13, 2011 of the demolition and clean up of the buildings destroyed during a fire on Feb. 28, 2011, in Atwater’s downtown on Atlantic Avenue.  If you look at the second video below ~ you will see how much I love trains.

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One Response to Demolition of downtown Atwater buildings

  1. Lisa Schwich says:

    Just read articles about the fire. Did they ever find out who set the fire? Can’t find anything in news except that it was ruled arson. We lost our restaurant (in WI) and home upstairs to a fire on Easter Sunday 2004. Historic Downtown building (3 stories). It was devastating for our family, and for the small town (700) that we lived in. It was caused by electrical. Fortunately, no other businesses or home were destroyed. Please update me.

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