Kandiyohi County Horticulture Society

The 13th annual Kandiyohi County Horticulture Society free garden tour was held in the Atwater area on Tuesday, July 26 from 4 to 8 p.m.

There was a beautiful article in the July 23, 2011, West Central Tribune.  Click here to see how to get a copy of the WCTRIB garden photos by Rand Middleton.

There were 10 Gardens to tour in the Atwater area ~ only 9 were listed on the maps at Schmidty’s and in the West Central Tribune article. However, if you were a good detective, you would have discovered the 10th house was on HWY 2 and Wyoming Avenue ~ Alan and Tammy Moll’s garden.

For me, walking up to the Moll’s backyard brought back a lot of memories. I grew up on the farm at the east end of Wyoming Avenue and I attended grades K-12 at Atwater Public School (now ACGC North Elementary). Of course I walked by that house on my way home from school.

When I was a kid, Jenny Flygare lived in that house. Across the street was Andy and Dora Hegre, next to Jenny’s house was the Bethlehem Lutheran Parsonage, then Bill Broman’s and across from Bill was Gladys Brandt to the south of Jenny Flygare’s house was Sigurd and Lillie Christenson.

Usually I didn’t get home from school in a timely manner. Of course there weren’t any cell phones back then, but my parents always knew where I was after school ~ visiting with one of the neighbors. I think that is how I learned to “visit” ~ they were all friendly neighbors.  Gladys often invited me in for a glass of lemonade and a homemade cookie.

I have not walked that path for many years, but it is certainly nice to see that the people who continue to live in that house are welcoming neighbors. Alan said, “our garden was not listed on the maps, so we just put up a sign and people are coming.”

So, yes, Tammy and Alan, there were 10 gardens on the KCHS garden tour in 2012.

The othere gardens on the tour were: Gary and Marilyn Larson, Virgil and Dawn Nelson, Richard and Lorna Thorp, Rosie and Herman Witte, Dorothy and Elden Pickle, Peg and Marvin Sacket, Russ and Janet Johnson, Dave and Jean Ahl and Roger and Jo Holm.

Thanks all for inviting us into your yards for the wonderful tour, it was a perfect night.  Thanks also to the planners of the KCHS tour.

Photos:  Tami Tagtow

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4 Responses to Kandiyohi County Horticulture Society

  1. Dale says:

    Cute story.

  2. Mickie Luke says:

    Could I get the information for your 2012 tour? Location, date, contact person Mickie Luke – Meeker Co Hort Soc. Thank you

    • Donna Middleton says:

      Always the 4th Tuesday in July.
      The West Central Tribune Summer Fun book says:

      July 24
      GARDEN TOUR: Sponsored by the Kandiyohi County Horticultural Society in the New London-Spicer area, open house from 4 to 8 p.m., free.

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