Many Generations of Royalty

Lorraine Larson Kragenbring~Jon, Colin and Kendall Kragenbring~Kendall Kragenbring

As I watched Colin Kragenbring being crowned the 2011 ACGC Homecoming King, I was also remembering the night his Great Uncle Kendall Kragenbring was crowned the 1974 Atwater HS Homecoming King during my own high school years.

My dad graduated from Atwater High School in 1936 and he used to talk about Watermelon Days.  Kendall’s mom and Colin’s great grandmother Lorraine Larson Kragenbring was crowned 1936 Miss Watermelon Days in Atwater.  So, of course I thought of Lorraine when Colin was crowned also.

The day following coronation, I congratulated Colin.  That’s when Colin told me that his dad Jon Kragenbring was Homecoming King at Atwater HS in 1981.

Just to add to the trivia:  Ryan Larson was the 2010 ACGC Homecoming King and Ryan’s grandfather is Gary Larson.  Gary and Lorraine were brother and sister.

I was a sophomore in high school when Kendall became our King.  Homecoming has always been a lot of fun and it is one of the memories we seem to keep.  As our local High School Alumni President it is fun for me to observe how classes recall who their Homecoming Royals were during their reunions.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether they graduated 70 years or 50 years ago, they can name their own Homecoming Royalty.

Atwater ~ Cosmos ~ Grove City High School (ACGC) continues to carry on the traditions of Atwater High School, Cosmos High School, Grove City High School and Atwater-Grove
City High School.  The mascots were:  Panthers, Royals, Eagles and Blazers.  Today ACGC’s mascot is the Falcon.  Go Falcons!!

There is still a lot of Panther, Royal, Eagle and Blazer blood coursing through our Falcon veins ~ that’s what makes the ACGC Falcons so powerful.

“Memories Are Forever”  ~ Grove City High School Homecoming Reunion, Fall, 1983

Football Game Announcer:  Terry Miller

Photos by:  Jean Kragenbring, History of Atwater, MN (John Holm), Atwater HS 1975 Yearbook, Grove City HS 1984 Yearbook

Videos by:  Tami Tagtow

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5 Responses to Many Generations of Royalty

  1. Shari (Hanson) Felleson says:

    Our 1970 graduating class royalty were: Kathy Holm and Mike Buer. Of course I remember!

  2. Tami Tagtow says:

    From Tracey Kalkbrenner ~ Just read your article on Colin. Just wanted to let you know that Jayde’s (this year’s queen) dad was homecoming king in Atwater in 1982 and her Grandma, Donna Kalkbrenner was homecoming queen for Buffalo Lake (I have no idea what year!) Royalty must run in some families!!

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