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It would be wonderful if you would help me with the research on the High Schools of:   Atwater, Cosmos, Grove City, Atwater-Grove City & Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City.   Thanks!

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Here are some of the Survey Results:

The 1952 Atwater High School Panther Yearbook listed the names under the King and Queen as:  Bunty and Genie.  Gary Broman, their Senior Class President knew the names of the King and Queen:  Gene Anderstrom and Christine Munson.

In 1957, there was a Sock Hop in the Atwater Gym and Disc Jockey Bill Armstrong of the Radio Station WDGY was there.

Denise Buer was a Crownbearer as a 1st Grader and was crowned Queen as a Senior in the Atwater Gym.

The first Homecoming for the ACGC Falcons was in 1993. New traditions were started.  Instead of  having last year’s royalty march back and forth behind the candidates, each girl candidate was given a box with a rose in it.  Only the queen got a red rose; all the other candidates received a white rose.    Likewise, the king candidates all got footballs, but only the king’s was teal.

Bridget and Brandon Mortenson were two of the 1991 AGC Blazer Homecoming Attendants.  Their father, Doug Mortenson, was homecoming king for Cosmos 1969-1970

The 1984 AGC Blazer Homecoming Queen was Anita Gratz.  Anita’s father, Dale Gratz was the 1960 Atwater Homecoming King and Dale’s brother (Anita’s uncle) Gerry was the 1959 Atwater Homecoming King.

During the 1960 Homecoming Coronation at AHS, Dale Gratz was crowned the new Homecoming King by his brother Gerry Gratz the outgoing 1959 Homecoming King.

Three Sets of Twins have been King and Queen Candidates:                                                        *** Erik and Loretta Whitcomb were King and Queen Candidates for ACGC in 2011         *** Courtney and Chritine Malvin were Queen Candidates for ACGC in 2008                      *** Brandon and Bridget Mortenson were King and Queen Candidates for AGC in 1991

School Homecoming Year Homecoming King Homecoming Queen
Atwater Panthers 1949-1950 Peter Holseth Pauline Bergquist
Atwater Panthers 1951-1952 Gene Anderstrom Christine Munson
Atwater Panthers 1955-1956 Ed JoAnne
Atwater Panthers 1956-1957 Lloyd Kragenbring Carole Hanson
Atwater Panthers 1957-1958 Jerome Larson Mary Ann Nelson
Atwater Panthers 1958-1959 Rob Paulson Jackie Nelson
Atwater Panthers 1959-1960 Gerry Gratz Janet Whitcomb
Atwater Panthers 1960-1961 Dale Gratz Mareda Bach
Atwater Panthers 1961-1962 Ron Everson Sarah Walsh
Atwater Panthers 1962-1963 Steve Norine Mary Olson
Atwater Panthers 1969-1970 Tim Elton Terry Larson
Atwater Panthers 1972-1973 Phil Slinden Emilie Boll
Atwater Panthers 1974-1975 Kendall Kragenbring Denise Peterson
ACGC Falcons 1993-1994 Adam Behm Stacia Boll
ACGC Falcons 1994-1995 Travis Thomas Angie Goehring
ACGC Falcons 2008-2009 Micah Larson Beth Nelson
Atwater-Grove City Blazers 1984-1985 Joel Dilley Anita Gratz
Atwater-Grove City Blazers 1991-1992 Nick Rossell Jennifer Witte
Atwater-Grove City Blazers 1992-1993 Paul Drange Amy Linden
Grove City Eagles 1982-1983 Greg Schultz Shannon Wold


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  1. Dave Strong says:

    Good job Tami

  2. Don na Hillstrom Ledin says:

    In 1948 Marilyn Olson was Queen and Ivan Anderstrom was King, Beth Peterson was Senior attendent

  3. Don na Hillstrom Ledin says:

    This was the class of 1947-1948

  4. jon doe says:

    1972- 1973 – Grove City – Rita Pederson Queen and David Larsen King…

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  6. JoAnn Berg Burns says:

    Was 1968-1969 a lost year??

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